Hey everyone!

After doing much work on about nine new skins that I was going to release, about a week ago or so I found this…. MASSIVE unfixable line on the skin.  And whats worse is the fact that it was on the base skin so I was completely FOOOOOOOKED!  So I got angry and started new.  The new skins are, inspired by a lot of things that have inspired me for quite some time.  But before we get to that lets start off with saying, many things inspire me.  That is why I have chosen for the : S u g a r : skins to be LIMITED.  Only 50 of each tone will be sold in each skin.  No limit on the fatpacks as everything is handsomely priced and not overpriced.  I have chosen this because I really wanted to change my skins out more as I’ve got tons of inspiration!  The new skins come in five tones, and you guessed it, sugar names as tones! (Well we are called Sugar afterall) There are TONS of options for the new skins as well.  Each skin will come with the following: 3 Cleavage options, Teeth Option, Light and Dark brow options, freckle/blush/dimple/ tattoos.  All in all when you look at the count of skins you get, its 12 in the pack.  Because the Cleavage/teeth/brow options are ALL on the skin and NOT tattoo layers! Here’s a look at the options chart I have made for you guys!


((The Cane and Demerara have the teeth option on that chart))

And my flickr page can give more leeway to showing you the new skins (don’t want to overload upload here) and show you the awesomeness! ORRRRR You can take a look at my DeviantART page as well for them!




More postings will come up on my DeviantART as I spent a lot of time last night trying to get it all situated.


Now for the LIMITED, remember its limited to 50 purchases per tone so hurry before they are gone!


Also out in release is my first MESH TAIL!  So excited for this as I drew these bad boys up in real life and sent the inspirational photo to a friend of mine Aveline Stein who made them for me.  I was so excited for them! The first one is out and here it is…

YAY TADAAAAAAAAAA.  Ok there is NO demo for this but it comes with a skin matching patch for your body ((got the idea from my lola’s that I ❤ so much)) and a color changing hud for the bow and skintone.  And is Copy/Mod for you so that you can mod it via RGB should you feel the need! (remember me saying about skins with lines.. that is the skin with the line… UGH)


Also up in the store (last thing I promise for now) is the School Club Cardigans, so like your letterman sweaters you’d get back in the day should you have been in a sport and whatnot.  My inspiration was totally Danny Zooko on this just with a NEON TWIST (of course) and also a twist for those Mischief Managed roleplayers as well for the house colors! Demo is available for these guys!



((Asid green in the photo fyi))


And that’s it! ❤ you all and I hope you guys enjoy my creations!