Hey Everyoneeeeeeeee

I haven’t blogged in a while and felt the hankering to do such in the middle of my hard work and shit.  Well here we go.  Hold onto your panties and pants boys and girls because I’ve got some new stuff coming your way soon.  As for right now. The old skins and clothing are all on sale.  I mean like ALLLL up on sale because once the new shit is turned out you won’t see this stuff again.  Accessories and whanot upstairs WILL stay but just know they will have new pictures and stuff.  I’m working on a full new line of items and how things are going to be looking.  So please check out the older items as they aren’t too old.  The makeups may be redone on the new skin but just know that the new skins/clothing.  I’ve been working mad crazy busy busy on for a while.  Let me go over the newly released shit as I have yet to show you guys any of the new releases and whatnot.  First with structure your skin :

That is of course using the old template that is now scrapped due to some issues I wanted to fix.  This one cosmic girl is still well and great don’t get me wrong as the lips ❤ such a love for me!! 99L so go check it on out!

I’ve gotten a fresh new look about the skins now and I really think you guys are going to flip for them! Here’s a preview of the newness… I’m still working some kinks out of it but……

*licks the picture* work in progress right there… but enjoy that little preview.  THERE are 6 new tones so fook that 4 tones crap.  I’ve got a nice wide range of skintones now! As for the other items coming up…. here’s a mesh tail my little paws have had for a while. I’m just now getting the time to work them on up and get them out for you guys to enjoy!  These are mesh, and have a HUD changing texture for the skin and little bow.  As well as a skin matcher for your body to get rid of any highlights that you may have.

The one on the right is the final texture of the tail itself, the bow I have since fixed and gotten the textures worked out! Enjoy that!

I have been working on some mesh other items as well with my good friend who is amazing and wonderful who does the mesh for me (i draw she makes them come to life!) and is just so awesome in her items in her store Aveline Stein of Steinwork! You’ve gotta check her on out.  ❤

So there you have your teasers and I hope you guys do enjoy!