So today has NOT been my day in RL.  Woke up with terrible stomach pains to head on back to the hospital.  *dies* More meds and more craziness with two kids tacked onto the issues including being stuck with needles many times and blood everywhere.  SO I get better and leave…. then… i LOSE my freaking wallet between the hospital and my car….. FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT?  -.- no… so my day has been fucked….


Anyways onto the not so depressing… made some cute little rings that are fruity flavored for you guys.  Its for Stuff in Stock so enjoy much much!



I only say it like that because I had a very rude person who claimed to be a blogger yet no where in her profile was there a link to her blog.  Then wanted me to change the permissions so she could hand them out to her friend.  And I told her flat out no sorry.  I love you all but I won’t change permissions on my items, I have them that way for a reason sorry.  Only way those would have been transfer would have been from a gacha machine.  ANYWAYS enjoy! don’t eat them…