Heya everyone its the beginning of the month and you all know what that means??? YESHA!  XY Room new items and also the Structure Your Skin is on again!  Here are the items for XY Room both are 99L.  First we have the Glitter Gun Rings that are totally awesome!  Hud Changeable gun part and clip as well!

And the Panda Cutie Mesh bag!  Here’s that… its RIGGED Mesh so it will move with your body!

Then for structure your skin there is the Rhianna skin which is 99L:

Comes with 6 lipsticks 4 brow color options on the skins so you now have 4 skins… 2 different cleavages and of course the normal eyebrow shapers,freckles blush and moles!

ALSO there is a special going on for the July 4th holiday coming up!  Here’s the deal all comes for 99L.  The mesh dress, ring,bag!  ONLY ON marketplace as well!