I was bored one day, and it hit me.  There is a lingerie version of alice in wonderland but not really like a sexy type outfit.  I remember scouring the costume shops around halloween and seeing such low quality crap in them.  But this isn’t in any means low quality.  Using a mesh ruffled skirt I came up with my own version of Slutty little Naughty Alice outfit.  >>>

The textures took me quite a while to perfect.  But tadaaaaa. Comes with the top, mesh skirt, and the stockings.  NO nipple tape is not included as the one in the photo is from A&M as I ❤ their clear nipple tape.  You could even put a cape onto the red outfit and parade around as Little Red!  So there ya have it!  DEMO is available in the shop of the outfit to try in green {not an appealing color but figured its the outfit xD even the shirt and stockings!}.


More coming soon!