Heya everyone, Many new updates going on today! And with the first of them lets just say that today started with the new Stuff in Stock so let it be rung a NEW body (yes i know new skins were just released but but… its…. its so fresh and so clean clean…) And…. *waves her hands about magically* tadaaaaaa

Let it be born… StarChild.  Comes in tone Sugar [wink wink nudge nudge yanknow what I mean huh huh?] for 80L at Stuff in stock and you get so much with it!  You get…. 4 eyebrow options that are on the skin so think you get 4 skins with blond/red/black/brown brows no matter your color!  And then thennnnnnn you’ve got two different cleavage options as well! PushedUP and Natural cleavages.  Two added lips as a bonus and of course a couple new freckles and the normal freckles and blushes and eyelash alpha.  Go go go to gets it now!  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Baron%20Island/180/163/2413


Also new skins are coming out other than just StarChild, the other skintones are at the store coming soon with a new look as… well slightly different.  OK so nough about Sugar… Echo has some new stuff out too!  Go checks it outttttttttttt cause its like awesomesauceage!


Behold… Aurora…. the beauty.  She’s made this incredible skin!  LOOK AT IT! *smuggles her tight* 4 tones and a hella price as well so go get a demo at : S u g a r : Mainstore…. likes… NOW! She worked hard on this and as with us working hard she and I have had thoughts of doing a skin off each month between us.  Coming up with a themed skin and doing a skin sale of that skin all month long for you guys? Cool eh? YAY!


Anyways everyone more to come later on… just have to go relax now that its all… done….


*passes out*

iO & Echo