Heya Everyone!!!!


Some great news coming to you!  Lets first start with : S u g a r : Has a new LOGO!  Yes… it does! 

Tadaaaaa How awesome yea? I Love it!  (FyI… bright colors are my <3)

Now on for some really big news!  Sugar has a new designer in the store, and she’s awesome, her name is Echo.  She’s just learning and coming out with some cute stuff.  Echo has come together with Sugar to bright forth a softer side with her first release.

Elle is for the woman who want that softer side, more natural.  So come on and check her out as she’s got some great stuff coming out Soon!


Also there is a new group giftie!  And some long awaited Mesh MeoW Kitty Corset,Shorts,Bag!!!!!


iO & Echo