Good morning darlings.

A lot is going on this month so lets start with the obvious.  Structure your Skin is up with a wicked new skin as well as I received the honor of being named a showcase Designer.  So I have decided to do something special for you ladies by making 3 new skins total for you there.  I have made Innocents where you will find tones 1&3 on sale for 99L.  Let me talk about Innocents for a minute, I absolutely adore this skin and wanted a bit of an asian feel to her face and was so glad that i achieved that and made sure she had soft tones so you could add onto her lips and eyes if you wanted for some greatness.  The other tones 2&4 are upstairs for sale at normal price of 799.  Now onto Neon Ninja, I recently was out with friends doing some paint balling for shits and giggles.  I took off my mask and i had this rainbow goo everywhere on my face and I’m like OH… IDEA! There is the inspiration for that little fiasco LOL.  And then last but not least, Over the Rainbow.  I did this inspired with just that little bit of sunshine ray of hope thing that we all had as little girls loving rainbows and clouds (if you were a tomboy please forgive me….).  So in that I created Over The Rainbow with rainbow eyeshadow, a cloud around the one eye with rain (i.e tears) coming from the cloud…. too cute! Enjoy!


Next up we have SVPAP ie.

Charity event to collect funds for SVPAP, a Animal Welfare Association in crisis.
(Starts 1 June – Ends 22 June) Now they need us.

I created a cute little skin that if you watched that video in my previous post you would have seen it.  Hello Kitteh is on sale for 250L in all tones for all 100% of the proceeds to go to the SVPAP Project.

And lastly let me go through the Depraved Gacha event.  I really really went last minute on finishing the item up but its so AWESOME and I promise to have a hud driven version of this purse soon with all of the wicked looks I put out there in the gacha and more!  The purses are 89L a piece.  Mesh purses that are wicked and I even put one up so you guys can oogle over it right on the gatcha machine.



Now for the ways to get to the events:

Structure Your Skin :

SVPAP Project :

Depraved Summer Love Gacha Event :