Heya Everyone!

OK as i’m jiving to some music this morning I had a sale last weekend and it didn’t go over so well cause my son got sick severely and I couldn’t do much promo for it and I felt like POO from it.  Then to top it off two days ago I was sent via ambulance to the ER because of severe food poisoning…. {ha… last time I buy bad ground turkey for my famous turkey tacos} SOOOOO.  Got me to thinking since I’ve been such a slacker… *coughs* a SKIN SALE is in orderrrrrrrrrrrr…. EVERY SKIN from 799L now down to 499L and and… you get free 14 eye shadow and lip sent to you after you buy… I’ll check and then send out nightly after work when I get home.  I hope you all enjoy and head there now.  Sale is on from right NOWWWWWWWWW till Monday morning! so RUSH RUSH! Come and get em!


PS: Check out the awesome Seraphim blogging me up… *does a happy dance*