Morning everyone!

Ok so it might not be your morning but it sure is mine!  And I’m so tired… I don’t drink coffee but right now i’ve got a huge cup next to me LOL.  Anyways your probably wondering…. what is this chick blogging about now huh? HUH?

Just so you know I’ve been working as a busy damn bee and if you haven’t been to the store yet… what are you waiting for??????????? And…. with every beginning of the month we have Structure Your Skin Project now out.  *waves hands in a fashion to the photo below*


Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa… 85L and a demo is available… other tones are in the shop for 799L!

Also… there is a new group giftie…. muahahaha er… *waves hands again*


Bold enough for you? Join the group for the goodies!

There is the newness for today!