Heya Everyone!

I know the twiddling of thumbs and the waiting in anticipation for the new store and all the new stuff I am about to unleash upon you guys… and here’s a taste…. of some Tee-shirts/Jeans/Eyes/and… of course the skin which is : S u g a r : Breeze {Cotton Candy} 2


And that polar hat i just LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE love love so much!  I’m wearing it all over the place like a mesh maddness trophy! *does a dance* you must own one *does voodoo on you all* ok so kidding but its too cute to pass up right? RIGHT! hehehe okies now that you’ve seen the goods that are coming out! I hope that satisfies your need till I open up shop May 1st! I might post another one here and there hehehe