The : S u g a r : Body was not to my liking for the sexy summer that is quickly approaching us.  So I did a little revamp on the body.  Alllll sexified as LMFAO would say, your sexy and you know it.  Cause who doesn’t want to look their best? RIGHT! now here’s a photo I took of the previous skin body:


Now its a good body but…. wait for it……. wait for it………


*inserts some heavily music that you go “ohhhhhh and ahhhhhhh” for*

That is the NEW body! I’m so proud if it.  Its only a bit more shadowing in the right places and highlighting but its definitely worth it! Cause more muscle tone is always a great aspect! It’s going to be coming out with the NEW skin for Woeful Wednesday that’s for 4.11.12 called Glitter Girl {which has a meaning to me personally in RL} But I hope you all do enjoy it.


: S u g a r : Glitter Girl – Tone 3

This skin has some glitter highlights and NO those aren’t just silly things i put on after the fact to enhance the skin.  Those are sparkle marks on the skin so it looks like you shine {and you do with or without this skin!}.  Bright Purple/Pink lips that are high gloss for the night out and some wicked makeup that makes those lips look awesome! I hope you guys like!



Dude falling off the bike is EPIC!