heylooo everyone 🙂

I’ve been working like a mad woman, ask anyone and even my bloggers who think I’m nuts to make about 7 and up to 12 new skins a day lol.  But I am determined for this summer’s huge blow out! I’ve revamped the lips a bit on the skins… ok so… once you see them they aren’t just a bit different but a LOT.  And not only do you just get… a cleavage version with the skins now…. you now also get… teeth versions 🙂 *waits to hear the squeals and screams* ok now that the secret is out… let me insert some photos of the skin thats up for the Woeful Wednesday in tone 4 for only 50L.


Comes with the same items as before… but now you get teeth versions as well.  *does a little dance like a dork* Now they are set early as I’m going to pass out right now but… expect to see some great things from : S u g a r : during the 2012 summer! This is only a preview of whats to come! May is the larger release of skins unless I decide to slip one in here and there for ya!