Okies everyone and I mean… everyone on this one cause not only will the ladies love this but I am so hooked on it myself and my boyfriend is all <3’s about it too!  No matter how long or short you’ve played SL we are all gamers… and well game on! : S u g a r : Brings to you our new, Control Me Necklace

Imageand then of course we have the ever wanting mouthie, cause I so had to do it!


YAY! for being a gamer at heart.  The Hud changes the color of the buttons only, and the texture on the controller seems a bit worn like you’ve played way too many matches with mario and bowser! The Necklace is 499L and the mouthie is 399L both are copy but only the mouthie is Mod due to everyone’s mouth is not in the same place nor position as mine!  The Necklace is Copy only with resizer scripts inside.  There is a gacha inside the store if you wanted to test your luck for 99L you can get a mouthy version with no hud and its transferable and modifiable.  The Gacha mashine looks exactly the way the HUD does when you wear it


*giggles insanely* oh yes i so went there…