OK everyone as you know that tomorrow starts the… dun dun DUNNNNN new Depraved hunt.  Again I’ve put out a fatpack of skins that actually match some hot lingerie piece that I have made and am so excited about.  I worked uber hard on the pieces.  AND the skins are only of the Pink/Green Summer Afternoon Teaparty… here’s a picture… and don’t ask where I got the hair ladies… that I made all my own! isn’t it cute? hehe

Then after the hunt starts Stuff_in_Stock is starting up and I’m so excited yet again because I have worked hard on something brand new for the store {and I’m so going to be putting out more of these with different versions!} but I’ve made some HUD driven texturing changing heels.  yes… this changes the one insert of the heels to different textures and I’m hoping that you love them! But there are 5 different textures to chose from:Grey/Red/Purple/Blue/Pink and all in a darker edge with a design of a skull in the mid section insert!  Here’s a sneak peek of them and they are only 80L! But they are all custom textures that you won’t find anywhere else with these badboys! They are only Copy/no Mod/no Trans.  Enjoy!