You don’t know…

You don't know...

I’m not one to “divulge” my RL information to people especially on facebook/blog and all. But The other day I was thrown back seeing someone post a photo “The government isn’t your baby’s daddy” something along those lines. Well when my ex ran off with some other chick cause he couldn’t handle our married life, didn’t want to deal with kids and all that. And is now oddly enough wanting a sex change for the current moment (no comments on that please it’s hard enough to try and figure out WTF he is thinking). Yea… I get money from the government to make sure my kids are fed, have a roof over their head and clothes on their backs. I have a 10yr old and 5yr old with ADHD (and again don’t say anything because they were both diagnosed young and no I’m not just out to medicate my kids). I shake some days hoping I can get through it with little money and get on SL to MAKE money with my store so that I can eventually pull it out and not have to worry. And before you go “oh go out and get a job you lazy bitch” yea that person you are calling lazy has NO eustachian tubes, let me break that down… the tubes that run from your ears to your throat to drain them properly. The issue with not having these, when my ears can’t drain they plug up with fluid and I can’t hear anything I literally go deaf and it’s painful. I have to have surgeries for the rest of my life because of this and no the cochlear implant and hearing aids won’t work well you have to have a functioning ear with all the tubes and whatnot for that to work. But when I am near deaf, the hearing aid’s help slightly cause they help to vibrate sound into the amount of liquid in my ear and sometimes that is painful depending on how people talk.

I tried being a CNA but that’s hard when you can’t hear your clients/patients (I used to be a private CNA to the elderly). So before you judge EVERYONE’s case… don’t say “yea the government isn’t your baby’s daddy” because if the government was doing their job I’d actually be getting child support rather than hearing “oh there’s no further information on your case”. Don’t judge everyone in the same bracket, cause it only makes you look like you assume everything and you know what they say about the word assume. It makes an ass out of u and me.

With that said, that little face you see up there is my 5yr old on his first day of school when I took him on this past Monday. He is my little angel, and was nervous but liked his teacher. When nothing matters most other than your kids, and you have kids and know you’d do anything for them then you can come and talk to me about what I need to do when you’ve got years under your belt. Until then, don’t judge everyone that’s all that it is.